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You won't believe what goes on every day at Class Clown Academy - and some of the craziest stuff starts right out in front of the school, hurry before the bell rings!

Hungry? Check out the weirdest popcorn machine ever. See if you can figure out how to get it shooting popcorn right off the cob.

Not all the cuckoos can be found inside Class Clown Academy. See if you can spot the one atop the school.

Some class clowns never get to class. You'll understand why when you see all that's happening in the Class Clown Academy's front yard.



Want to be a pilot? Then take Engineering Classes at Class Clown Academy and learn to fly paper airplanes that is…

Are you smart enough to fold a piece of paper? If so you can be a paper airplane pilot in just five quick minutes in CCA Engineering Class.

Class Clown Engineering - it's all fun from making paper airplanes to throwing stuff into the trash, to trying to blow the teacher away with your skills!

At Class Clown Academy even the teachers are silly - just check out the weirdo teaching Engineering.



If you have half a brain you might be able to win the rock, paper, scissors game in the Science Lab - but try it even if you have a quarter of a brain.

What do you get when you combine an octopus and a fly? Mix them together in the Science Lab and you'll find out.

Yikes! Who threw the switch in the CCA Science Lab? The whole place looks radioactive!

What are Albert Einstein and a dead chicken doing in the Science Lab? You might be surprised.



Make up a song, play it on whoopee cushions and record it in the CCA Music Room

Your Whoopee Cushion symphony might not make people dance, but it will make them laugh.

It is your very own music studio! Be a star and make, record and share your original toot compositions.

Your friends won't believe their ears when they hear the tune you wrote for them on your set of musical whoopee cushions. Toot!

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